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RCC’s toddler program serves children from about 12 months to two and a half years of age.

Our three toddler classrooms are dedicated to the children’s appropriate age and growth level. 

Each room is colorful and engaging, with children’s artwork displayed prominently throughout each room. Climbing and play areas, as well as toys, are ideally suited for each age group. The low windows continue into each of our toddler rooms so toddlers may enjoy watching the older children play outside, be fascinated by the squirrels collecting acorns, or watch as the flowers bloom each spring. Toddlers in our program have progressed from sleeping in cribs to napping in low cots, and from eating in highchairs to sitting in small chairs at the table with their friends.

Our open classroom environment allows activities to progress from one-on-one teacher-child interaction to group activities within a more structured schedule, while still emphasizing individual choice. Our toddlers engage in daily life activities, such as washing their hands before and after each meal. Our teachers help develop toddlers’ gross motor skills inside the classroom and outside on the playground. Their creativity shines each day through various art activities, and our toddlers clearly take pride in their creations.

Story and music times are favorite activities among our toddlers, nurturing their language development and memory skills. Many times on your way home, you will hear your child sing a new song or tell you about a new story.

Six years ago we joined the RCC family after moving to Reston. We had been to several daycare centers in the area and couldn't imagine leaving our child at any of them. When we toured RCC we knew we had found the perfect place. Everyone here is like family to us and our daughter has thrived in their care. We are so thankful to everyone at RCC and are very excited to be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of such an amazing center.


-The Tarrant-Bell Family

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