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Parents who visit RCC are amazed to learn that half our the staff has been with us for more than ten years, with many who have been here 30 years or more! Turnover is low and with good reason – RCC staffers love their work, RCC, the children they serve, and the unparalleled support they enjoy from RCC parents.

But love isn't all that drives RCC staff; professional pride is equally important. We cannot emphasize enough that the RCC staff is a dedicated team of professional educators and care-givers, many of whom have advanced education, including masters' degrees in early childhood and elementary education, children's literature and other related fields. When hiring new staff, RCC looks for education, experience, and positive personal and professional references, in addition to the ability to relate to children and their developmental needs.

At RCC, learning isn't just reserved for the children. RCC greatly values continuing education, so all staff members continue their professional development through seminars, workshops and courses; supervisors work with each staff member to plan their individual education goals. General topics of interest to all staff are raised at staff meetings and on orientation days, and a professional library is maintained for staff use.

In addition to its regular staff, RCC employs, contracts or consults specialists in art, creative movement, music, foreign languages, computers, and other areas of child development.

A complete biographical staff directory, "Who's Who at Reston Children's Center" is updated annually and is available in the RCC office.

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