School Age After School Clubs

Science Club with Mr. Brian


Rocky Mountains Hiking & Safe with ms. Brian

How Snow is formed -with Mr. Briand

What creates mountain ranges - with Mr. Brian

Simple Machines- with Mr. Brian

Water Conservation - with Mr. Brian

Pollinators - with Ms. Pam


Arts & Crafts / Interior Decorators Club

Spiral Decoration - with Ms. Pam

Making an Earth Day Banner - with Ms. Pam

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts with ms. Pam

TicTacToe Board with Ms. Pam

Beginner Weaving with Ms. Rebecca

Advance Weaving with Ms. Rebecca

Earth Day Crafting, with Miss Rebecca

Origami "MOM" Card with Ms. Rebecca

Cloud Dough, with Miss Rebecca

How to Prime a Model Tank - with Mr. Matt

Painting a model tank Part 1 - with Mr. Matt

Painting a model Tank Part 2 - with Mr. Matt

Spanish Club with Ms. Maritza

Los Deportes / sports

La Primavera / Spring

Desayuno (Breakfast), Almuerzo (Lunch) and Cena (Dinner)

Math Club with Ms. Rebecca


How to Make a Bar Graph, with Miss Rebecca

Entertainment Club (Music, Games & more)

Presenting Joke Time with Ms./ Pam

Kings in the Corners Card Game by Ms. Pam

Singing with ms. Rebecca

Celebrity Car Museum by Mr. Shanen

Cooking Club

Devil Eggs with Ms. Pam

Veggies & Chicken Tacos with Ms. Rebecca

Meatloaf - with Ms. Rebecca

Photography Club with Miss Bridget


Photography Basics

Introduction to photography

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