RCC Action Plan - Coronavirus


Dear RCC Families and Staff.


There is nothing more important to me than the health and welfare of our children, teachers and their families. All of us are watching a very fluid situation continue to unfold with the COVID-19 pandemic and I want to share some information with you about the response by Reston Children's Center. Our leadership is constantly monitoring the situation and will communicate with you regularly as our response will change relative to realities in the moment. The Fairfax County Health Department (FCHD) continues to advise that our risk of contracting the virus remains low at this time.


Last night the Executive Committee convened a meeting to review and reconfirm RCC's action plans with our Executive Director, Fahemeh Pirzadeh.


Fahemeh reviewed RCC's policies regarding Communicable Diseases Prevention & Control, as well as RCC's policies and information on childhood illness. Both of these documents can be found in the Parent's Corner. https://www.restonchildren.org/parents


Please remember that as members of the RCC community we should be aware of existing policies and the personal responsibility we share to mitigate risk of exposure to any communicable disease.


As you review these documents you will find that the basic public health principles include:

  • keeping your child home until they are fever free for 24 hours,

  • regular hand washing,

  • regular cleaning of frequently touched spaces with bleach and approved disinfectants


Of course, this is nothing new at RCC. We are all very familiar with dealing with germs - we are parents after all! You have seen teachers also practice basic hygiene such as wearing gloves when serving food or assisting children with toileting. All of these steps are in line with what the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommend to help prevent the spread of a range of viruses.


These practices will continue; however we are also taking it up a notch in direct response to this COVID-19 situation:

  • Water fountains have been closed off. Fresh water is available to all students through the use of cups and jugs, reducing the likelihood of germs being spread.

  • Increased cleaning of frequently touched spaces (door handles, tables, counters, etc.).

  • Teachers have increased the frequency of handwashing with students throughout the day.

And we need your assistance to take these additional steps:

  • We are asking families to follow the CDC's recommendations with regard to self-quarantines. The CDC is recommending that individuals returning to the U.S. from South Korea or Italy after March 4, 2020 self-quarantine for 14 calendar days. This is in addition to FCHD monitored 14-day quarantines for individuals who have been to China and Iran. As families make plans for Spring Break, we strongly encourage you to keep travel issues and potential challenges in mind.

  • We are asking that teachers and families notify RCC immediately if anyone in their home has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Your privacy will be respected, but we must share this information with the Fairfax County Health Department. Once the Fairfax County Health Department has confirmed the case we will immediately notify the RCC community through our regular channels and take the necessary next steps.

  • If a teacher, parent, or child has been diagnosed with COVID-19, we will close the facility for a minimum of 48 hours for additional cleaning and follow the guidance of local health officials regarding any other precautionary measures.


This Saturday, March 14th, we have a regularly scheduled Parent Work Day with plans to due our typical deep cleaning of our facility. Please join me with a bottle of bleach and a pair of gloves! Together we can work to maintain and even heighten our level of cleanliness - and also earn some parent hours! There is another scheduled Parent Work Day on Saturday, April 4th.


Thank you for your commitment to working together to create a healthy RCC community. If you have any questions about our plans, please do not hesitate to ask Fahemeh or myself.




Tiffany Emami-Locke, RCC Board President

Fahemeh Pirzadeh, RCC Executive Director

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