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A sample daily pre-school schedule at RCC


RCC opens its doors and welcomes all our children. Quiet activities are provided.


School-age children move to the school age program building. More activities including puzzles, manipulatives, free art supplies, and items from creative play are provided for our preschool children.


Story time is offered to all our preschool children in our Language Arts Library.


Breakfast is offered to all children. Quiet activities are provided for those children who have eaten. The children and staff who have completed breakfast and are ready move outside for playtime.


Outside playtime is provided for all our preschool children. If the weather is inclement, then inside activities are provided.


Circle time. Teachers and children move inside and prepare for circle time in each child’s home base area. Circle time is used for morning greetings, story time, and preparations for morning open time. Part-day preschool children arrive and meet with their teachers in their home base areas for morning greetings and preparations for morning open time.


Open time. Every home base area serves as a learning center during open time. We spread out and enjoy our building and our playgrounds as we participate in art, big blocks, creative play, dramatic play, free art, housekeeping, language arts, manipulatives, math and science, outside play, sand and water tables, unit blocks, and snack. Each child has the opportunity to choose one or many areas of child-directed and /or teacher-directed activities. Each teacher is responsible for an area on a rotating schedule.


Small group time. All children return to their home base area with their teacher. This period of time is used for stories, music, group projects and activities, and outside playtime.


Lunch is served in each Full-Day Preschool child’s home base area with their teacher.


Preparations are made for nap. All children have playground and bathroom time before nap.




Quiet reading and inside/outside playtime for children who have completed nap.


Children rise from nap and prepare for snack. Snack is served at home base area with their teacher.


Small group time. This time is set aside for stories, group activities, outside play, and preparations for the afternoon schedule. During this time on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have music and library hour.


Open time. Our children and teachers participate in afternoon open time that offers a selection of activities similar to our morning open time, with the exception of Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are our music and library days.


Story time. Our groups join together for story time.

5:15-6:00Mini open time and playground time.

Until 6:30

Quieter activities around the big art table and in nearby areas as the building prepares to close for the evening.

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