Two unique programs that serve children from the ages of two-and-a-half years to five years:

Preschool at the Reston Children’s Center is a magical place. Our children learn and grow in a unique, open-environment setting designed to promote social skills, choice making, and both structured and free play -- all of which help our children develop self confidence and compassion as they make new friends, learn new life skills, and prepare for a lifetime of learning.

The preschool program consists of two unique programs that serve children from the ages of two-and-a-half years to five years:

Full-Day Preschool

Children have the option of attending two full days, three full days,  or five full days, with a 12-month enrollment, September through August. 

Part-Day Preschool
Children are assigned their days of attendance according to their age. Children who are two and a half come two mornings a week, children who are three come three mornings a week, and children who are four come five mornings a week, with a ten-month enrollment following the Fairfax County public schools calendar, September through mid-June.  

Home Base Teacher and Small Class Sizes

Each child has a home base teacher and a small class of children their own age.


Our youngest classes have a ratio of one teacher to seven children.


Three-year old classes have a ratio of one teacher to nine children.


Four-year-old classes have a ratio of one teacher to ten children.

As an RCC "alum", I knew it was where I wanted my son to go from infancy through kindergarten and that he would have a great experience. What I did not expect was the friendships that he and I would develop with his classmates, becoming a "family" with bonds that will outlast all our time at RCC. This community is the true heart of RCC.

-The Herseth Family

RCC’s open classroom environment provides an opportunity to set and move furniture to create home base areas for each class and each program’s learning environment.


Each child has a home base teacher and a small class of children their own age. Home base is where you will find your child’s individual cubby, clip where notes and artwork to be taken home are pinned each day, as well as their class bulletin board which the children will help to decorate with artwork related to their home base teacher’s lesson plans for the month. Children begin the day at their home base, participating in activities ranging from circle time to stories, art, music, dance, outside play, and show and tell.

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They also eat meals and nap with their home base group.  Throughout the day, children have “open time,” when all of the preschool program children and teachers (from both full and part-time programs) come together to play. During open time, children are encouraged to make their own choices and have the opportunity to choose from ten areas of play. These areas are child directed with teacher supervision and/or teacher-directed activities.

Each week, children participate in additional activities including physical education, story time, and music class. Children take frequent field trips to local playgrounds, parks, museums, fire and police departments, and local businesses. Once a month there is a “special day,” which follows a specific theme (like pajama day) and children get the opportunity to enjoy additional, theme-related activities for the day. RCC has strong ties with the local community and frequently hosts members from our community, such as veterinarians and members of our local fire department. Our children and staff gather together during these presentations for town hall meetings to enjoy our special visitors.