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Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement weather-related closures and delayed openings are as follows:


  1. If the Federal Government is CLOSED, RCC is CLOSED.

  2. If Fairfax County Schools are CLOSED, RCC will OPEN AT 8AM.

  3. If Fairfax County Schools are DELAYED, RCC will OPEN ON TIME AT 6:30 AM.

In addition, in case of an unusually severe storm and based on roadways conditions, ability of staff and weather forecasts, the Executive Director will decide, in consultation with the Board of Directors, if severe/hazardous weather conditions exist and warrant a delayed opening or a closing of the center.

Closures and delays will be communicated via the RCC website, email, NBC 4 closure announcements, RCC’s Facebook page and, when possible, RCC’s one-call text message system. Parents are asked to call the center by 9:00 a.m. if their child will be absent. The Part Day Preschool program follows the Fairfax County Public Schools calendar.


In an unusually severe storm, families should either telephone the Center to confirm that staff has arrived or be prepared to stay with their children until a sufficient number of staff arrive; this is particularly true for families who arrive during the early morning hours. Families should recognize that the safety of our staff and children is our first priority. In the event of an unusually severe storm, be aware that RCC will not be open without a sufficient number of staff. Further, if a bad storm occurs during the day, please try to leave work early. If you will be late, please call; late fee charges apply.



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