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Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement weather-related closures and delayed openings are as follows:


To receive RCC's text messages, please remember to opt-in by texting the word ALERT to 22300.

RCC closure and delayed opening decisions are made based on various factors, including but not limited to: local weather forecasts and roadway conditions; ability of staff to report to work safely; ability to maintain proper staffing ratios; utility service status; and other mitigating factors that might threaten the overall safety of RCC families and staff. The Executive Director will decide, in consultation with the Board of Directors, if a change to operating status is necessary. 

Notification regarding closure or delayed opening will include the following channels:

  • Text-Based Alert

  • Email Announcement

  • Website Post

  • Facebook Post

When there is a forecasted weather event, the Executive Director and Board of Directors will announce changes to operating status as early as possible and not later than 10:00 pm the evening prior; however, quickly changing circumstances may require a shorter timeframe for notification.

In an unusually severe storm, families should either telephone the Center to confirm that staff has arrived or be prepared to stay with their children until a sufficient number of staff arrive; this is particularly true for families who arrive during the early morning hours. Families should recognize that the safety of our staff and children is our first priority. In the event of an unusually severe storm, be aware that RCC will not be open without a sufficient number of staff. Further, if a bad storm occurs during the day, please try to leave work early. If you will be late, please call; late fee charges apply. School Age children enrolled in the before school programs are cared for during delayed school openings without an additional charge.


School Age and Kindergarten Programs:


Children enrolled in after school programs are cared for during early closings without an additional charge. One public school snow day is included in the tuition for children enrolled in after-school (BAS / AS) programs. For snow days used beyond one, fees are listed in the “Additional tuition” section of this handbook.

Children need to bring appropriate clothing for outdoor play in snow. This includes coats, boots, gloves or mittens, hats, and snow pants. Children without suitable attire will not be allowed to play outside in the snow. School Age children may bring snow saucers made of plastic.


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