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Our Approach


Reston Children’s Center has established its two main goals as:

  1. meeting the developmental needs of children and

  2. providing support systems for families.

The first goal is implemented by stressing cooperation, independence, and interaction among children of various ages and among caring adults. Children are allowed many choices, while being guided to take advantage of all facilities and opportunities offered at RCC and in the community. The different ways in which children learn and the importance of fostering good feelings about themselves are vital aspects of RCC’s program planning.


The daily program provides experiences that promote growth, well-being, and age-appropriate development of gross and fine motor skills, language skills, cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, positive self-concept, curiosity, interest, and opportunities for exploration.


In meeting the second goal, RCC is committed to the idea that parents need to develop themselves as parents and as individuals through their careers, creative endeavors, civic responsibilities and leisure. Childcare contributes substantially to that development and benefits parents, children, and the community. A variety of parent education and support programs are offered by RCC.

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